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The Future of Finance is Female

Investing in Women Disruptors who are ready for exceptional guidance and freedom to grow their businesses



That’s how much Venture Capital went to women founders in 2022
We’re not asking for enough.


That’s how much money women raised in 2022, out of $170B
The money is there.


The year we start changing these abysmal stats for the better


Companies founded or co-founded by women, and run at least 50% by women leaders. Disruptive ideas and technologies, well-executed or on their way. While we will consider startups, we are most interested in investments at the Series A stage (ie. beyond the Friends and Family round).

The IFG Group can act as both investors and consultants, so we will assist with business strategy, staffing, marketing, PR, and all areas of growth, even helping to acquire anchor customers.

Who We Are

Cynthia Davis

With over 30 years of illustrious experience in leadership roles at renowned organizations like General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Bausch & Lomb, Cynthia has witnessed the dynamic landscape of the corporate world, from exponential growth to transformative mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business restructuring.

Today, Cynthia has co-founded Radiant Blue, LLC, an exceptional consultancy, training, and business advisory firm. As an in-demand Executive Advisor, Cynthia specializes in empowering women founders and entrepreneurs, guiding them through the challenges of business growth, personal and professional transitions, cultural transformation, and team readiness for success.

Cynthia possesses a remarkable talent for simplifying complexity, nurturing others’ potential, and embracing an innovative approach to deliver enduring results. Her groundbreaking work seamlessly merges modern science with timeless wisdom, offering groundbreaking solutions to the most pressing business dilemmas of today.
Recognizing her unique ability to swiftly assess organizational landscapes and devise tailored strategies to address clients’ critical needs, Cynthia established Incremental Monumental Change (IMC). Through IMC, she partners with ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders striving for business excellence and personal mastery, transcending conventional boundaries.

By fostering peer collaboration, providing executive mentorship, and facilitating robust business connections, Cynthia creates a supportive environment for business leaders to thrive both personally and professionally. She takes immense pride in leveraging her strategic expertise to support the rising stars of technology, defense, and aerospace industries.

Halle Eavelyn

Featured in Time Magazine and USA Today and Good Morning America, Halle is a Transformational Coach, speaker, and writer who has helped hundreds of women clear their old patterns and beliefs so they can call in the financial power that brings freedom. Clearing the past experience of money makes it possible for her clients to cross the bridge to money’s future, which Halle sees their birthright of wealth, as well as in Decentralized Finance and cryptocurrency. Her latest coaching programs include Wealth Reclamation and CryptoCurious, and her podcast and YouTube show is Goddess of Crypto.

Drawing on over 30 years of business experience in software, real estate, film production, and travel, Halle has consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. As a pioneer in interactive media as well as a project manager for micro-money to multi-millions, Halle loves to be on the bleeding edge of technology and witness change disruptors. For the IFG Group, Halle spearheads the search for our investments, as well as client communications.

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Our podcast, The Two Percent, was inspired by the fact that historically less than 2% of venture capital funding has gone to female founders. Tune in for exclusive interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs and rising stars changing the technology industry. The Two Percent is available on all major streaming platforms.

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